BloomBoss LED PowerPanel Propagation Room

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BloomBoss LED PowerPanel Propagation Room

The complete BloomBoss LED Propagation Room includes a BloomBoss LED grow light, a Secret Jardin grow tent, Rapid Rooter plugs, a Mondi Dome and Rapid Start Root Enhancer to get your plants started right!   Everything you neet to create an instant propagationroom and get you started quickly.  Just add seeds or cutting and watch them grow! 

BloomBoss LED Propagation Room Includes:

- DarkPropagator 2.6 DP90 Grow Tent - 35" x 24" x 35"

- BloomBoss PowerPanel LED Grow Light

- Rapid Rooter Tray with 50 Plugs

- Mondi Humidity Dome 7"

- Rapid Start Root Enhancer 30ml