BloomBoss LED Grow Room 4x8

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BloomBoss LED Grow Room 4x8

The complete BloomBoss LED Grow Room includes a BloomBoss LED grow light, a Secret Jardin grow tent, a light timer and enough BloomBoss Pouches and vinyl saucers to fill the space.   Everything you neet to create an instant grow room and get you started quickly.  Just fill the BloomBoss Pouches with your favorite soil, add your plants and watch them grow! 

BloomBoss LED Grow Room 4 x 8 Includes:

- DarkRoom 3.0 DR240W Grow Tent - 94" x 47" x 79"

- BloomBoss FUSION Pro 1000 LED Grow Light (Qty: 2)

- Blueprint Dual Outlet Mechanical Timer (Qty: 2)

- BloomBoss Blue #5 Pouches (Qty: 18)

- Vinyl Saucers 14" (Qty: 18)