BloomBoss PowerPanel VEG LED Grow Light

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BloomBoss PowerPanel VEG LED Grow Light

BloomBoss PowerPanel VEG LED™

 The Smarter LED Grow Light

The BloomBoss PowerPanel VEG LED Grow Light is a great alternative to fluorescent bulbs and is perfect for many applications including propagation of seedlings and clones or for supplemental lighting

The PowerPanel VEG LED ™ uses only 32 watts of power, runs cool and operates silently while providing your plants with the optimal light spectrum for growth stages. It's heavy duty construction features a customized steel case for increased durability.

BloomBoss PowerPanel VEG LED™ Energy Savings Benefits:

• Lifespan 50,000+ hours

• No expensive and dangerous bulbs to replace…ever!

• Compares to one 4 bulb, 2-foot T5 florescent fixture (96 Watts) while consuming only 32 Watts

• More environmentally friendly compared to traditional lighting, contains no mercury and is recyclable

BloomBoss® PowerPanel VEG LED™ Features:

Promotes fast, leafy growth intended for the early stages of plant life

• Runs cool with completely silent operation

• LED bypass protectors on each chip for longer life

• 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty with Lifetime Technical Support

BloomBoss® PowerPanel VEG LED™ Specifications:

• Power Usage: 32 Watts
• (120) High Intensity 0.5W SMD 5050 LED Chips
• Voltage: AC 100-240V
• Operating Temperature: -4 °F~122 °F
• Dimensions: 12 ¼ " Length x 12 ¼ " Width x 1 3/4" Deep
• Weight: 5.4 lbs.

 What’s in the Box?

• BloomBoss PowerPanel VEG LED™ Grow Light comes with an extra long 10-foot cable Power Cord (120V)
• Mounting Kit offers multiple options for hanging under metal shelving, wooden shelving, from rope ratchets or wherever!

BloomBoss PowerPanel VEG LED™ Growing Tips:

• Total coverage area: 2' x 2'
• Distance from light to plants: 6 to 18 inches

Spectrum and PAR Data: Coming soon! (Last updated 12/6/17)